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In the ordinary session of Thursday, December 27, Pedreguer City Council Plenary approved the accounts for the year 2019, for the sixth consecutive year with a positive surplus, thanks to an economic management that has allowed the Institution has liquidity and pay suppliers in less than one month. On the other hand, the session also served to approve the application for inclusion in the plan Building the works of reform of CP El Trinquet and a motion in defense of the Valencian citrus sector.

The accounts proposed by the governing team, which have proceeded with the favorable vote of COMMITMENT and the abstention of PP, PSPV-PSOE and CUP, amount to a total of € 8,720,000 , both in expenses and in revenues. Again, as it does from 2012, no income through loans is also envisaged in this year. In fact, municipal debt is expected to be € 0 to November 2019 (compared to € 4,491,767.36 in June 2011 or approximately € 2 million from December 2016).

With regard to expenses, and similar to the previous year, four have been the main axes of the budget proposal . First of all, the items destined for  social welfare  (social benefits, subsidies to non-profit social associations, equality, school nursing, contribution to MASSMA), which experience an overall increase of 3.5% (up to € 177,000) . Secondly, the  promotion of employment  also occupy a prominent place in the accounts, for which more than € 100,000 is allocated. The third pillar of the budget is constituted by  culture and education. As the games corresponding to cultural and youth programming grow, € 70,000 are allocated to agreements with associations and cultural entities, and the necessary sources are planned to complete the rehabilitation and restoration of the Ocaive castle. In terms of education, around € 60,000 is the starting point for activities and extra-curricular workshops and € 15,000 is consolidated in the grant for grants to carry out higher education. Finally, the citizen proposals that have arisen from the Participatory Budget have also been included , to which a total of € 356,685 will be earmarked, an amount that will allow to perform the 8 most voted actions (rehabilitation of the Pòrxens, improvement of the Park of the Patronage, restoration of the Glorieta fountain, tourist improvement of the Barranc de les Fonts, paving of the athletics track, the electronic scoreboard for the football field, the improvement of lighting in the sports center, the acquisition of a new demountable stage), as well as repairing the cage for the cord.

Consequently, similar to last year,  more than 1/3 of the Budget will be directly allocated to the well-being, the enjoyment, development and training of the neighbors of Pedreguer  (specifically, 36.76%, in front of 31.88% for 2018 or 24.55% for 2017), all with no tax increase.

On the other hand, the accounts will allow to  carry out other actions , such as the preparation of a mobility plan, the reform of the Cultural Space and the habilitation of a new quarter for the Local Police or the reform of the cemetery (the latter should receive the corresponding subsidy from the provincial council).

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