Natural or Supernatural?

PART ONE - The Clot del Lirio - Pedreguer

Abandoned places, terrifying places or corners full of mystery. The Marina Alta has its share of enigmatic dark tales and legends worth remembering during the spookiest period of the year.

The Clot del Lirio – Pedreguer

Imagine that you take the car one day, still half asleep, when suddenly the earth around you disappears. It was not specifically underfoot, but it was almost what happened to a Pedreguer resident during a hot August morning in 1982.

He stopped with his car in front of some orange trees in the field known as El Lirio, when he felt a great shaking. Instantly, the orange trees in front of him disappeared and a cloud of dust enveloped the place. When it stopped, he could see that what was once a land full of trees, was now a huge hole that seemed to be bottomless.

It is said that this spectacular gap, the end of which no one has managed to find, goes to the very core of the planet. There are even people who point out that it is the gateway to hell.

Now this could not be more false. The truth is that its depth is known and, although it is very deep, it does not reach 100 meters. In fact, it has been filled with water to the top in some episodes of heavy rainfall.

However, it is undeniable that mystery surrounds this place that abruptly changed terrain in the blink of an eye. Some experts say that the large opening occurred due to gases from the groundwater that eroded the rock, but who knows …