Ann Martin’s Blog #4 Working with Children with Few Privileges.

When my children were a bit more grown up and didn´t need me so much, I spent a lot of time organising fairs and exhibitions for charity, which I still love to do now. My fairs always involved children and I always raised money for needy children or childrens´ hospitals etc.

I am not very good at doing small things, I always got and still get carried away. Why do one thing when you can do 3.

I remember organising a school event for the Sydenhams childrens hospital neonatal unit,

We started in the morning with a bog standard fair, 100 stalls in the school and lots of fun and kids entertainment. This was followed at 3pm with a kids Christmas party in the school hall whilst the stall holders packed away. Santa and a magician came to visit.

At 5 pm we had all the local clothes shops come along with hair dressers and make-up artists and put on the most amazing fashion show in another hall whilst the kids were being entertained, champagne flowed. 

At 7.30 my finale was the most amazing auction ever. This event was in the local primary school in Blackheath, south East London and every single shop donated a fantastic lot. This whole day and night was amazing and was just one example of the sort of events I organised. People comment on what I do now but I have to hold back so much. One day I hope I will be given the opportunity to put a really spectacular event together in Spain for the children in need. I am getting there slowly but surely xx Please help children that are worse off than your own. xx

Ann now spends a lot of time working for Make-A-Smile charity