Gourmet Food Thieves Get More Than They Bargained For!!

Guardia Civil Agents in Calpe have detained 3 men of Romanian nationality, 2 of which are alleged perpetrators of supermarket thefts, and the third for drug trafficking.

The 2 older men ( approx 40 years old)  were arrested in the Avenida Juan Carlos I, when they fled in a vehicle after committing various thefts in supermarkets in the town.

Agents of the Civil Guard had recognized the suspects and made them stop to inspect the vehicle. It carried, both in the trunk and in the rear seats, numerous bags with gourmet food products such as sirloin steak, smoked salmon, entrecote steaks, cuttlefish and spirits, all with an approximate value of about 500 euros.

The two men could not prove the legal ownership of the products, so the agents carried out various checks in local supermarkets, verifying that the products had been stolen.

It appears that they went into the supermarkets and bought a low-cost products and hid the stolen products under their clothes. The provisions were then sold on to third parties.

 The two detainees, with more than twenty records of similar acts, have been brought to justice.

The third (younger) man was arrested during routine “service of vigilance and crime prevention”, carried out in Calpe town centre. When he was about to open the trunk of his vehicle he noticed the presence of the agents and tired to get away but he was quickly intercepted by one of the agents.

During the inspection of the vehicle, a shoe box containing 60 grams of cocaine in rock, cutting substance, as well as tools drug use, including a precision scale, and 125 euros in cash, was found. Agents detained him, and requested judicial authorisation to search his home.

Altogether, 30 grams of cocaine, 70 grams of amphetamine, 800 euros in cash, a large machete, a gun and 48 blank cartridges were in their possession. 

Story and photos from La Marina Plaza