Hunting Laws – Explained by Captain Sensible

There are often complaints from members of Javea Connect regarding shooting or hunting taking place in the region and on “open land” around the area.  JC. Admin Kenn Walters explains…..

Generally, land allowed for hunting must be clearly marked, as is land specifically not allowed by hunting, usually by means of small signs hung on open land boundaries, (e.g. permiso de caza) or in hunting reserves or publicly owned/controlled land (coto privado de caza/coto vedado de caza).

Hunting grounds are known as ´terrenos cinegéticos´ and must be qualified as such for hunters to be authorised to hunt there. Hunting on private property is only possible with previous consent of the owners. If you own or rent rural property and are not sure whether the previous owners might have authorised hunting on their (or now your) terrain, you can check with Town Hall or the local hunting society if your terrain is included in the ´plan de ordenación cinegética´ or ´plan técnico de caza´ and retract the authorisation if you wish to do so. You can also ask for information with Valencia Community (link at bottom).

If your land isn’t fenced off, it isn’t private according to Spanish law. You may wish to (at least) post notices of “coto privado” as a deterrent, BUT, if your land is on the “allowed to hunt” register, this is meaningless in law.
Hunting is only permitted with a licence, so if you detect hunters on your terrain while you have not given authorisation, you can ask them for their licence and report them with Policia Local / Guardia if you wish.

The law re distance of shooting from people, streets, house etc, whether campo or urban is they can not shoot any closer than 2o0m from the end of a town, 50m from an isolated house, 100m from national, regional or local road, 50m from unpaved public road, and never towards a house or town.

2022/2023 SEASON

Thus, in the common hunting areas of the Comunitat Valenciana, the following forms are authorised:

Hunting of rabbit with dogs and without weapons (from the third Sunday of July to December 25) Working days: Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and regional and national holidays. The use of greyhounds/Podenko is prohibited in groups of more than 8 per hunter or 15 in total for a group of hunters. The use of attack dogs throughout the period is prohibited.

Falconry from October 12 to January 1. Falconry bird training: all year round, with artificial lure. Small game from fixed position: from October 12 to December 6.

Small game birds from fixed positions with shotguns: Authorized species only as given in annex of the law, (link below). Species marked with double asterisk (**). October 12 to December 6. Saturdays, Sundays and regional and national holidays only.

Small game including with guns: Authorized species (non aquatic animals, -including Rabbit and Hare), only as given in annex of the law, (link below). October 12 to December 6. Saturdays, Sundays and regional and national holidays only.NOTE: this is under review as Hare/Rabbits are over populating Valencia currently and causing massive agricultural damage.

Hunting of large game (defined in the annex of law, as Mountain goat (Capra pyrenaica), Red Deer (Cervus elaphus), Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus), Fallow Deer, (Damadama), Mouflon/Wild Sheep (Ovis musimon/Orientalis),): from October 12 to December 6.

Hunting by beating/drive of Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) from 1st September to February 28th. Including migratory boar ONLY in hunting grounds and controlled hunting areas. Limits (“bag limits” for each species per hunter) apply.

Hunting of Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)or hybrid/wild pigs by use of hides(waiting in fixed position) – year-round, – as they are massively over populated in region.

Half / Special Seasons:

  1. In fixed position: wood pigeon, wild pigeon, zurita pigeon, starling, magpie and fox, from the second Sunday of August to September 13, . European turtledove, – NO HUNTING IS ALLOWED .
  2. Quail (free flying or hand released), from the second Sunday of August to September 13.
  3. Waterfowl, from October 12 to February 14. The period will be shorter if this is provided in the resolutions approving the Technical Plans for Hunting. In the Albufera Natural Park, will be resolved by the Director General of Natural Environment and Environmental Assessment, according to his PTOC and within the provisions of the Park’s standards.

Partridge only with “bag limit” and authorized take: in the hunting grounds and controlled hunting areas in which the approval resolution of the Hunting Management Plan of partridge is in effect, end of season will be the last day of February of 2021.

Consult link for the full law and season rules in Valencia State 2020 – 21.

Kenn aka Captain Sensible

Orden de Vedas de la ComunidadValenciana 2020-2021 | Cazavisión (

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