Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Javea Fire of 2016 Remembered

3 years ago, the fire beast of Javea started on the Cumbre del Sol. The first photograph that hit the Javea Connect group was taken by Kate Langshaw at, around 4pm on 4th September 2016.

The hours that followed were surreal. I was very near and the scenario was horrific. So many people were scared for themselves, their families and friends, (some of whom were not nearby and felt so helpless) for their pets and for their properties. This is when the people of Javea Connect and the Local Fire and Weather Watch group, forgot their differences, forgot the trivial crap and bickering that goes on almost every day and stood together, helping each other helping strangers, offering beds, shelter, transport, food and clothing etc. and displayed genuine concern for each other. The horror lasted for days… but all through that week, there was a clear message that, when push comes to shove, local people will always be there for each other. 

The photo of the 3 bomberos in the gallery below, was taken by Lynne Rogerson on the morning of the 5th September. This photo still holds the record for the most likes on Javea Connect – over 3,000!!
I could go on and on about those few days, but I will end now by saying that this day will be difficult for so many people to forget, but thanks to the amazing men and women of both the official and voluntary emergency services, not one life was lost and the Town With The Big Heart was born 

Credits for photos: Kate Langshaw, Heather Duncann, Sarah Grainge, Sandra Shepherd-Stubbs, Klaus Jurgens, Melissa Stone , Nick Godfrey ( cover photo), Jean Gray and Lynne Rogerson.
The following link ( which is just one of many) on the group proves it all……….

Loraine Gostling. Javea Connect Admin.