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Newsletter: 10th February

by Karlee McGregor

The Countdown to “Breaksit” !

Hello Lovely Peeps! Sorry for the delay in updating you all, but to be honest everything is a bit manic…..and yes, I am talking about Brexit and how this is/will/can affect us all in one way or another. Health cover, residencia, driving license exchange are all covered by others, so I will not go in to that […]

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What’s On This Week?

Valentines Greetings!! A Few Places for the Romantics We invite you to live life in the pink. They say that colours are a matter of taste. Here you have ours: the pinks and whites that paint the almond fields in February.  A unique spectacle indeed!  From now until 24th we celebrated the fourth edition of “Feslalí. Alcalaí […]

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Are Those People Knocking on Your Door Real or Fake “?

We have a lot of people post on the Facebook Group asking whether or not someone doing the “door to door” cold calling are actually representing the companies that say they are ( normally utilities). So here is a guide to what you should expect from the bonafide companies, such as Amjasa, Respsol, Cepsa and […]

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Out and About… Terra Natura & Aqua Natura

Terra Natura & Aqua Natura                                                     Terra Natura is a zoo offering visitors the chance to get up close to the animals of the park with hidden barriers, you can experience being […]

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Out and About.. Biopark, Valencia.

Bioparc is the new open space for animals that is situated in the Parque de Cabecera. It is is a new generation zoo conceived with the zoo-immersion philosophy. When entering the more than 100,000 m2 park, you will feel totally submerged in the wild habitats that have been recreated here: the Savannah, Madagascar and Equatorial […]

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Keep Munching Those Olives!

A Turkish scientist has found a way to convert discarded olive pits into a biodegradable plastic thanks to her dad’s weird eating habits. Duygu Yilmaz first started her groundbreaking scientific work after she noticed her father’s quirky habit of eating olive pits in order to soothe his stomach. Duygu was concerned that the pits may […]

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Changes to Self Employment Starting Rates.

Cases in which the self-employed may extend their flat rate even more than two years The following information may seem rather confusing so we suggest, if in doubt, consult your gestor.  Last year, the self-employed with a flat rate paid 50 euros a month in instalments, an amount that increased  to 60 euros, from January […]

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Award Your Favourite Cafe/Bar/Restaurant

Show your appreciation to them!  The nominations for 2019 Costa Blanca People Culinary Awards are now open. 9 Categories to choose from ( See below) Nominate by downloading the form from their website, email [email protected] or contact us on 966701060 for a copy of the form. CLOSING DATE IS 15TH MARCH

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La Tomatina Festival 2019. August 28th

Tomatina History In 1945 some young boys decided to take part in a parade during the town festivities. The sheer energy of these youngsters made one of the participants fall over and get mad, then he started to strike everything in his way. Nearby there was a vegetable stall that fell victim of the furious […]

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Leroy Merlin Opening in Ondara Next Week.

Opening on Wednesday 13th February. Hours: Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 22:00 Address: Avenida Costa Blanca, 12 Together Portal De La Marina Shopping Centre 03760 Ondara.  ( Ex Aki Store location) Tel: 966477593 Fax: 966477593 Mail: [email protected]

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