Out and About.. Biopark, Valencia.

Bioparc is the new open space for animals that is situated in the Parque de Cabecera. It is is a new generation zoo conceived with the zoo-immersion philosophy.

When entering the more than 100,000 m2 park, you will feel totally submerged in the wild habitats that have been recreated here: the Savannah, Madagascar and Equatorial Africa. Visitors can enjoy, (practically without barriers) spectacular landscapes in which different species co-exist as they would in nature.

On the savannah you will find antelopes, giraffes and rhinoceroses, lions on rocky vantage points, hyena dens and warthogs, the density of the equatorial forest with gorillas, buffalos, leopards, elephants, hippopotami, crocodiles and tropical fish.

Bioparc is strongly committed to sustainability and conservation; it will be recycling more than 95 percent of the water that it uses, as well as generating energy to heat water using a large number of solar panels throughout the zoo. Many of the species at the zoo are included in European conservation breeding programs and primary objectives of Bioparc include educating and increasing awareness of visitors regarding care of and respect for the environment.

Bioparc Valencia is boundless nature within the city of Valencia, a place to enjoy, discover, understand and appreciate the wild world.

To find out opening hours and book tickets, visit their page here

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