Are Those People Knocking on Your Door Real or Fake “?

We have a lot of people post on the Facebook Group asking whether or not someone doing the “door to door” cold calling are actually representing the companies that say they are ( normally utilities).

So here is a guide to what you should expect from the bonafide companies, such as Amjasa, Respsol, Cepsa and Iberdrola.

AMJASA workers will never knock on your door to check on your water pressure.

They will only check from the mains to your meter. From the meter to your property, it is your responsibility to maintain and repair using a plumber of your choice. They will normally work in teams of 2 or more.

IBERDROLA work exactly the same and with an identified vehicle.

All genuine offers and would come from people coming from offices in other areas (ie Calpe). Iberdrola Javea does not have any commercials at all,  just staff at the office in Javea Old Town.

You would normally get a letter from your gas supplier telling you when they will be going to call.

The gas hobs, estufas and so  on, all have an orange rubber pipe with an expiration date on it. You can change it yourself or call your usual plumber to do it for you.

If you think a caller is genuine, call your normal supplier, not the number shown on their (maybe fake) identification. They should wear some kind of uniform , show their identification and normally an official sign-written vehicle.

CHARITIES, again normally work in pairs and well identified but, in any case, it is very unusual that they go round knocking on doors. It is up to you what you do with your money, but be aware that people without morals use that excuse to get some extra money.
LOCAL POLICE, again in teams of 2 or more and with an identified car or motorbike and ALWAYS with uniform.

We hope this gives you an idea on the possible legality of individuals who knock on your door without previous warning.

Please avoid posting photos on Facebook groups, despite your concerns as this is against Data protection laws. You may warn people using a description of the visitors and their vehicle ( or photo with registration number blanked out) but no “mug-shots”  please.

Below is a link with some handy telephone numbers. 

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