The Countdown to “Breaksit” !

By Helga The Oracle ( Bev)

Hello Lovely Peeps!

Sorry for the delay in updating you all, but to be honest everything is a bit manic…..and yes, I am talking about Brexit and how this is/will/can affect us all in one way or another.

Health cover, residencia, driving license exchange are all covered by others, so I will not go in to that and leave it to the experts in that field to assist you.

My main concern is your car that you are driving around in right now, taking the kids to school, popping to the shops and out for an evening meal etc….Please do not take it for granted that after the end of March, all things will still be the same and that nothing whatsoever will be changing so you can import your car when you have the time, cash to do it. If you think it does not affect you……Please think again as it possibly does.

Under the current rules, regulations, tax rates etc. you have about 6 weeks left, without 100% deals and guarantees of what will change, when, and by how much. 

After this time frame there is a 50/50 chance that taxes will increase by 31%, 50/50 chance right hand drive cars will not be allowed to be imported at all and that is just what I know about. How much is going to change and when? I have no idea!  We may or may not get the 22 months transition period in which case you do have time to import at your leisure…. or not!

The amount of time you can have a foreign plated car in Spain will probably change, so you cannot buy a UK car,  bring it to Spain and think you are all OK for 6 months before you have to import it.

Please do not sit back and think that everything will just fizzle out and that it will not be of any concern to you…..Please call the people who deal with this everyday and ask them for advice, it is almost always free and could in the long run save yourself  money and stress.

Most importantly please do not go to the UK now and buy a car that was first registered before 2005 with the intention of importing it in to Spain, you are already far too late to be 100% sure of being able to import. In fact, my advice would be not to buy ANY CAR from the UK until after “B Day” !

Handy Helga Hint…  Germany and Holland are now the places to go for older cars with the view to import, but before you buy please, please check with someone who deals with these types of imports.

Love and hugs from an over worked and worn out Helga who may or may not be able to retire soon.  x