Happy 20th “Whelpday” APASA!

And somewhere on the region of 11,000 dogs have passed through their gates since 1999!

The special day tomorrow ( 16th February) will celebrate two decades of dedicated care of the dogs and other pets that have been abandoned or can no longer be looked after, for many different reasons. Plus, of course, the temporary refuge and care for the canine escape artists of Javea!

Mandy Conway, who is a part of the great Apasa family, stresses that over the past 20 years, things have changed a lot. Also changing legislation  has forced Apasa to adapt at all times.

The Association has 8 people hired to care for the 170 dogs they have in their facilities at this time. It also has about 300 members. of all nationalities, who annually pay a fee of 25 euros to help the shelter.

One of the important aspects that makes  Apasa different from similar shelters, is that animals are never put to sleep, unless it is on  veterinarian’s advice.

To celebrate this anniversary, the association has organised a dinner this Saturday, February 16th, at the restaurant See Montgó, where members, friends, families and supporters of Apasa can get together and let their hair down for a few hours.

We at Javea Connect have worked with Apasa as much as possible to support them and having personally met Mandy and Teresa, I can honestly say that they are the Salt of the Earth. Without them ( and I am sure many others) the shelter would not be able to function.

The tickets have now all sold but please watch out for the many fundraising events that these guys plan constantly and support them whenever you can. Obviously,  they would love for more people from Javea to help the Association and/or become a partner, helping to exercise  the dogs for a while maybe? Or even just participate in events they organize in order to raise funds to make things more comfortable for the animals.

So, if you are looking to adopt one of their many cuddlesome creatures, here are just  few, from Barry to Zuki,  who would be so very waggy to meet you!!