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Javea Fiesta of Santa Llúcia

by Loraine Gostling

This is the traditional celebration of Santa Llúcia, who has her hermitage on a small hill at the foot of the Montgó, which is decorated every year on 13th December to welcome people who come in pilgrimage.

The celebrations begin on the evening before at 7.30 pm – with a parade led by the fiesta, which takes place in the streets of the old town centre, accompanied by music and the handing out of sweets and mistela. As they pass along C/Santa Llúcia, a bouquet of flowers will be offered to the saint in her niche.

On Tuesday, 13th December, the begins with an awakening at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. the authorities and the festival will leave the church on a pilgrimage to the hermitage. A mass will be held at 11 am.

This will be followed by the traditional procession of the images of Santa Bárbara and Santa Llúcia around the hermitage and there will be a hot chocolate for all those attending.

A little history…

The Hermitage of Santa Llucía and Santa Bárbara crowns the highest point of one of the highest rocks in the municipality. At 163 meters high on the slopes of the Montgó stands this small chapel -of municipal property- which is included, due to its architectural layout, within the so-called hermitages of conquest (Ermites of conquesta).

The name ‘of conquest’ responds to the moment of construction of the same when the settlers coming from the north, and with great Christian tradition, displaced the Muslim population inland and settled their population in the territory, among other things, building hermitages in the shelter of the Montgó.

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