Captain Sensible Blog #3 – Doggies and our love of our “best friends”…

………..and hatred of the “over-controlling tyrants and dictators” AKA “Da Law”

There are certain subjects that come up on JC (and elsewhere) which just hit the “big red rage button” in many people’s souls. We try and make sure they are kept under a tight control, so that when they go off the rails and people start getting nasty with one another, we are already on “fire watch” and can respond to it quickly.

On certain subjects of this ilk, we have even decided to stop posts concerning them altogether, to try and keep the peace (forlorn hope I know…). One of the borderline areas, which comes up time after time concerns pets, (Cats, Dogs, Horses, even Pigs, all have gone through the wringer over the last couple of years on JC).

This bit of ramblings though, concerns “humans best friends” – Doggies! I must admit, I’m not impartial, I’m a serial dog owner (almost all rescue dogs), and couldn’t imagine being without a couple of large pooches in my life. Like most responsible Dog owners, I have made sure that my furry friends are well fed and taken care of, are (at least semi) trained and socialized, go to the vets and get their shots when they should and have valid pets passports, wear their collars and tags with pride, (together with their embedded chips) and are protected as best as possible against all the flying and crawling nasties we get in this part of the world. When I take them out, I do so with my little plastic bone on the lead carrying the poopsacks and don’t hesitate to use it if my fido does a whoopsie somewhere when out. Having owned dogs in several different countries, I also did a bit of research when I first took on dogs here, (by asking the town hall and vets), then stay current by asking my vets each year, what the applicable LAWS are concerning my buddies, (and if anything has changed). I take all this on board as a RESPONSIBLE owner. – Now, we can debate and argue that our furball is cute as a button and soft as butter left out on the counter during a Javea August afternoon, BUT, as they say back in the ‘hood, “Da Law IS Da Law”. Love it or hate the “tyrants and dictators trying to control all our lives”, grumble, grumble, moan… The Law of the Land and the place we live is there to protect the majority and is part of the democratic process, and has no alternative other than anarchy, SO, that being said, here are a few key points regarding our furry friends… (if you don’t get the Spanish, I recommend Google Translate).

Javea is “Dog Friendly” compared to VERY many places in Spain, AND has more relaxed rules concerning some of the overall dog laws, (e.g. muzzle over 25kg for all dogs). – Check it out!

We even have a dog park with relaxed rules allowing responsible dog owners to let their dogs mingle:

And to top it off, there are many legal beaches that dogs can be taken, some year-round, as this feature shows:

Now, we hear all the time from owners that “the laws are draconian compared to good old (insert country name). – Actually, they aren’t. Spain’s dog laws are fully aligned with the EU’s dog laws AND England’s. Some of the dangerous breeds on the lists vary from place to place, but the general laws are very similar. Consider the UK for example:

Note that ANY dog is considered dangerous and “Dangerously out of control” if it bites or injures a human, OR makes them worried that it might.

Banned dogs exist in the UK too, 3 of the 4 also being on the Spanish list of banned dogs (PPP).

There are MANY public spaces in the UK too where dogs are banned or not allowed, – just like here in Spain.

Complaints abound that dogs are not allowed on many Spanish beaches, especially in the summer. The REALITY is that 85% of all UK beaches ALSO ban dogs on them during the summer, and a stunning 22% ban them all year round, (with the number growing yearly thanks to local council’s decrees). Over 40% of all UK public spaces have also now declared themselves “dog free” (since 2002), mainly due to dogs fouling them and the owners not bothering to clean up, (thanks for that oh idle and irresponsible ones, – you impact the majority of responsible owners with your actions). So no, Spain ISN’T unfriendly towards dogs, especially not in the Javea area, no more so than say the UK. – IF YOU OBEY THE LAW AND ACT RESPONSIBLY.

If you don’t want to obey the law, or wish to pick and choose which laws you want to obey, then Amazon sells “A guide to Anarchy”, I know a GREAT place to buy “Che Guevera” T-shirts and beret’s, and recommend joining the “Tooting popular front” as a means of protection for yourself and your property – “Power to the People” and all that…

And finally… 126 of Javea’s furry friends…………