Thursday, August 18, 2022

Local beaches with special adaptations for those with mobility problems

Many towns in the Valencian Community have accessible beach points.

Currently, 27 accessible beach points are functioning in 15 municipalities of Alicante, and 36 are found in 17 towns in Valencia.

The Accessible Beaches Plan includes a variety of services ranging from access to the beach area (with reserved parking, ramps, walkways, signage), facilities (shade area) and furniture covering special needs wings of the people who visit these areas.

The specialised equipment features harnesses, mobilisation lifts and shower chairs, adapted services plus amphibious chairs and crutches. The amphibious crutch allows absolute independence for people with reduced mobility and the amphibious chair facilitates access to water.

Similarly, the accessible beach spots have specialized personnel who attend to people with functional diversity or reduced mobility during the working period in the established time at each point.

Below is an interactive map of these beaches.. just zoom in and click on each on to see full details.

Source: Ahora Marina Baixa


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