Whinge of The Week – Brexit

LOL’S Whinge Of the Week

Ok, Ok, I know I said I would not mention the “B” word BUT I have to say that the whole Parliamentary Gala Performance is taking its toll on me this week.  The Javea Connect group of over 20,000 members has been at it hammer and tongs since Ms. May’s speech last week, with both sides real busy trying to convince the other side that they are wrong/misinformed/misguided or even stupid!

So my Sunday consisted, not of relaxing in the sun, sipping a glass of gin and tonic whilst waiting for the Yorkshire puddings to rise to the occasion and having Alexa play my favourite song list….. the only thing rising was the speed of Brexitoholics trying to gain one-upmanship on endless group threads and the only thing I could hear was my ‘phone binging constantly with disgruntled people’s messages asking that I remove/delete/ close off discussions on the subject! In saying that, the gin and tonic helped immensely  and I will be forever grateful to Senor Larios in times of Brexstress.

One thing for sure though… ex-pats can’t resist it!!