The Generalitat announces that there will soon be lines to take an ITV test without an appointment.

Councilor Nuria Montes announces the plan to solve the problem with vehicle inspection by opening services first for professionals.

Getting an appointment for an ITV test, particularly in the province of Alicante, is a very difficult task . After encountering pages that are charging for appointments, the Department of Industry proposes a special plan to speed up access to the service.

This Tuesday, Councilor Nuria Montes announced what she considers “the third contingency plan” to change the situation. With it they begin with “a specialised service for the care of professional transport” in which they offer “the opening of lines without prior appointment, precisely to unclog “professional transport” first.” (We assume this means company vehicles).

The next step is to maintain that same service structure with a wait-in line for individual users. The approach of dividing it into two phases is designed “precisely so as not to create a new problem where it does not exist, we cannot suddenly create a line overnight that could collapse all the ITVs again.”

Montes has stressed that “we will design it precisely to provide a good service to users”.

The councilor has also taken the opportunity to ask for understanding from the users affected by the delays and “we are showing that we are working every day to reverse this situation, but of course the blame for the situation we have right now lies with El Botànic that left this absolutely chaotic situation that we have had to fix.

This has not been the only update on the ITV that the Generalitat announced yesterday. Montes has also states that they are evaluating, and that almost certainly, in this first phase we will implement it is the obligation of prior payment, that is, at the moment you reserve an ITV test with just your registration and ownership – you will soon have to also make the payment with a completely extensive payment gateway that allows the payment methods that we are used to making today, PayPal, Bizum, credit card, etc.”.