Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hang Out In The Garden This Weekend!

The annual World Naked Gardening Day is this Saturday!

Photo; The Homestead Guru

The first Saturday in May is World Naked Gardening Day. It falls on May 4th this year, and if you’re thinking of celebrating, make sure you consider these words of wisdom.

While WNGD is a great day to do some planting, stay away from thorny bushes like roses and bougainvillea, not to mention those huge cacti, and most of the other Spanish plants that are out to do you extreme injury, even when fully clothed!

While I’m all for being unashamed of the naked body, many people don’t really want to see what everyone looks like in their Birthday suits. For that reason, I recommend against pruning the community gardens on May 4th. !

For the sake of your neighbours, perhaps avoid trimming the low hedges in your front garden. 😉

Finally please think twice about using any power tools while partaking in World Naked Gardening Day. Tool damaged “tools”, I would imagine, would result in an extremely painful visit to A&E!


Maybe best to keep photos of the event off the Javea Connect group on this occasion 😉


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