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The Crusade Is Growing – Legal Action Possible.

by Loraine Gostling
It has been a while since we updated the Javea Connect Community with Cristina’s progress on her “Brockovitch” Crusade regarding the potential dangers of Nolitil on certain genetic groups ( mainly Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavians). She has come so very, very far since her first post in Javea Connect in December last year!!
Since her meeting with AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Productsin Madrid on 6th July, her name has been well and truly spread all over Europe and especially in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.
She has now been interviewed by many journalists and radio presenters ( both before and after her meeting) plus she and her work has been featuring quite prominently on television shows in both Spain and the UK. ( You can watch and listen on the links below)
Cristina will bring you up to date herself now and please, do follow her Facebook page for updates on her progress in the coming months. 


“Since I began to raise awareness about the adverse effects of Nolotil/Metamizole, and to report my findings about the potentially dangerous side-effects of this drug on the predominantly Anglo-Saxon expatriate community, I have received many heartfelt messages of thanks and appreciation from those affected and their families. I also regularly receive messages from many people who are still being offered the drug without any direct warning of the potential risks.
Frankly, who reads those small-print disclaimers tucked away in the box – available only in Spanish? So, the use and distribution of Nolotil/Metamizole is still widespread but is under review. There is still work to be done and I thank everyone for their support.
Many people who have been badly affected whilst taking Nolotil/Metamizole have provided me with details to pass on to the Spanish health authorities and this has been invaluable in triggering the current review.
So, how does this help these people personally? The fact is it doesn’t, and they currently stand alone in their quest for justice. Injuries suffered while taking Nolotil/Metamizole (whether directly or indirectly) have, in many cases, been life changing and life threatening. In some tragic cases, the results have been fatal! Where pain, hurt or injury is inflicted, the law recognises the right for a victim to sue and, if successful, to be properly compensated for the effect on the victim’s quality of life, ability to work and financial stability. Many people I have spoken to are aware that there may be a claim but they are unfamiliar with the process, wary of taking action individually and mindful that the cost of doing so may be prohibitive.
For those in that predicament, I have some great news!
I have been discussing with experienced lawyers in the UK and Spain, the feasibility of bringing a mass tort or class action claim. These are early days, but the signs are encouraging. All that is needed at this stage is for those harmed to rally together and express their interest in pursuing this course of action. Big pharma has deep pockets but there is strength in numbers my friends.
Registering your interest in being part of a class-action lawsuit at this stage is without obligation and without cost. I stress, you are registering your interest, not making a commitment, financial or otherwise. If you are interested in joining a class-action group to pursue a claim for compensation, please make initial contact by emailing me, in confidence, at [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you. Please spread the word. The fightback begins!”
If this article is news to you, and you had no idea about Cristina’s work. Here are some links to articles and programmes, which will explain every single aspect of this potentially dangerous drug, and how it should be avoided at all costs if you are of Anglo Saxon or Scandinavian. 
ITV This Morning Breakfast Show
Some of the Many Newspaper Articles and Headlines

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