Nolotil…Have You Suffered Adverse Effects From This Drug?


Last month, on the Javea Connect, a post was made by Cristina Garcia del Campo, a local medical translator, who works with many ex-pats. in the local area. The original post, which was of interest to many, can be seen at the bottom of this page, along with a link to it on the group, which you will be able to access if you are a member. 

After a week of more work and many incoming emails from patients who have taken this pain killer, Cristina now makes a further statement as follows:-

“Following my initial posts about *Nolotil and its possible adverse effects that could be leading to serious illness or death:
Please note that this is an official study and, as a medical translator and healthcare professional registered with Pharmacovigilance, they are urging me to gather as much information as possible.
In order for this study to be successful, anyone who has ever suffered adverse effects after taking Nolotil/Metamizol is required to report this information (by law, everybody is obliged to report any adverse effects to drugs) and failure to do so may result in a penalty. You can submit the information to Pharmacovigilance yourself by using the following government link: or I can do it for you if you prefer,as there are 5 pages to fill out in Spanish and I know this may put some people off.

Should you prefer me to submit the information for you, I will do it free of charge, but I will need you to fill out a form(*) with the information required and e-mail it to me at [email protected].

You can download the document that I will need in order to complete the official government form on your behalf by clicking the following link:-“  NOLOTIL-METAMIZOL-RESEARCH-SHEET.

(*)All information supplied on this questionnaire will be held in strictest confidence and will be solely used for translation and forward transmission to Pharmacovigilance via the official website above.

*** Please, note that Nolotil and Metamizol are the same thing. Metamizol is the actual drug and Nolotil is only one of the names it is sold under (the main one in Spain)

 We do hope people will take the time to report their particular situations as it really could help save lives. 

** Original post..

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! (Post cleared via Admin)
As I explained on my post from 17th Dec., I am a medical translator and I am conducting a study which concerns you all. It’s about a painkiller called Nolotil/Metamizol, which is given or prescribed to most people in Spain and could be leading to serious illness or even death to the Anglo-Saxons, especially the English and the Irish.
This is not about blaming anyone. We live in Spain and this painkiller, apart from being very effective, it is authorised in Spain as it is not a problem for most Spanish people. 
However, since many of you are not Spanish, I felt it necessary to let the authorities know about my findings. 
I got in touch with the head of Pharmacovigilance and, not only did he take it very seriously, but he has taken it to national level. They are using information I have given them and they are carrying out a very important study. To be able to help you, I need to tell them about as many cases as possible. 
If you have had an infection you found very difficult to get rid of, or you know of anyone who has had sepsis or passed away and you know they had been taking Nolotil/Metamizol, send me an e-mail at [email protected] (no “h” in cristina) with a brief explanation of what happened. I will need the full name and SIP number of the person affected by this. Please, do not send me the information in a comment and, should you give me information about anyone else, make sure you have their permission to do so…… Link to post and over 8o comments on the group here ( registered members only will be able to access this)

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