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Out & About In the Cool Pools #1 – El Azud, Tuéjar.

by JC Admin

Beaches are great, but in summer they can become a nightmare with so many people and little space to park. So, if you want to escape from the big beach crowds, you can go to one of the many natural pools that are scattered throughout the Valencian province. 

We will be doing a new feature each week highlighting some of the more off-the-beaten track places to visit when you want a break from the sand, sea, inflatables and coastal crowds.

#1 El Azud – Well of Stairs

Maybe you are one of those who prefer the pool, but you do not like the smell of chlorine or you would simply like to move it to the middle of a mountain to enjoy a relaxing bath surrounded by nature. Well, your dream may come true of you head for El Azud. 

This is a small lagoon that you will find at the start of the Tuéjar River , located in the town of the same name.

This natural pool is called the Pozo de las Escaleras , and it is a luxury to bathe in its crystal clear, pure waters.  It is not surprising that neighbours and travelers who visit the area go to enjoy this special place that also has a small waterfall. 

The lagoon is part of the El Azud recreational area , which has gone from being an old dam to being an esplanade of land with abundant vegetation, where you can walk or play with the children in complete peace. 

In addition to the refreshing pool, there is a series of stops along the way. For example, the natural dam of the Villanueva canal, which dates back to medieval times and on which the Tudela Bridge rises. It is recommended to walk from here to the Fuente de Saz – another recreational area, especially for picnics etc. Also, there is a Roman dam, the Roman aqueduct of the ‘Peña Cortada’  and finally, the viewpoint of the Peña del Mediodía.

Access and parking

These pools of pure and crystalline waters are located at the source of the Tuéjar River and reaching them is quite simple. Access is through two roads that leave from the town of Tuéjar and are well marked. The recreational area has an ample parking area.

Tuejar is around a 2 hour journey from Javea, Map link below

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