Ponderings – The Original “LOL”

The First of the Ponderings

Now most of you people reading this right now will have been “lolling” for years – firstly, back when it became very cool to abbreviate every possible word to make sure that a quick text message was done and sent  to the love of your life before your boss walked in and caught you on your new shiny (and incredibly heavy!) Motorola cell phone.  This “LOL” was, for the lovesick but lazy folk, a very handy three letters meaning ( for those who have never even heard of Motorola!)  Lots of Love.

Thereafter, much confusion arose when some bright spark decided that “LOL” actually means Laugh Out Loud. The main problem with this new  “Lollerism” was that much confusion ensued in the transition period and people took a while to realise that they were not loved at all, but just plain funny!

But these abbreviations, however useful, were not originals, because in fact, the original LOL is me!

Me being, Loraine ( yes with just one “R” as my mum was never the greatest when it came to spelling). I was named after some obscure film star back in the day, when all phones were attached to walls, petrol came in gallons, the TV had a total of 2 channels to choose from and a tablet was what you were given, crushed up on a spoonful of jam to stop you being car sick!

Nothing wrong with that name, I hear  you say and I would agree and all was fine, UNTIL,  at the age of around 2, an obscure family member, who couldn’t pronounce her “RRRs” decides to call you “Lollipop” instead!  And so, my fate was decided… I was now “Lollipop”, and these damn things are sticky! As a 2 year old, I clearly thought nothing of it but, as you can imagine, it is not a name you would wish to follow you all your life. Gradually, as time went by,  I was abbreviated to “Lolly” ( shorter yes… but not really much better!)  So finally, my dad must have taken a look at this very plain and quite podgy 10 year old about to go to secondary school  and took pity on me. Clearly not enough pity to actually re-instate the name he and my mum gave me, but I was, at last, being fashionably abbreviated to “LOL”

So there you have it… Lots Of Love, Laugh Out Loud…… no mate…. I was the original, fat, freckled and frustrated “LOL”!

Now that you have had your history lesson,  I will fill you in with the reason for this Blog, which has been commissioned by The Costa Blanca Olive Press.  All you know about me right now is that I was a car-sick name-abused and now rather fossilised female.

Javea Connect is “my baby” I am the founder of the Facebook group, page and website and I was graciously invited by  Jon, the editor of the Olive Press, to say a few words of Lolling wisdom from time to time, in the hope that I can offer a Light-hearted , Original Look  (LOL for short!) at life here in our little haven in Spain.

So there you have it, introduction over…. you now know me as much as I know myself and all I can promise is that my features will be mainly tongue in cheek, hopefully amusing and an entirely Brexit Free zone!! ( maybe 😉 )