Thursday, June 24, 2021

Out & About… Gulliver Park

Gulliver Park, Valencia……. lies at the heart of the Turia Gardens, near the City of Arts and Sciences, between the Bridge of the Kingdom and the Guardian Angel Bridge.

This huge 70-meter-long attraction features the story of Gulliver’s Travels, a famous work by Anglo- Irish writer Jonathan Swift, on his arrival in Lilliput. This is one of the most popular playgrounds in the city, perfect for you and your family.

In this adventure park, we find a large-scale representation of Giant Gulliver, lying on the floor and immobiliSed by strings; his clothes and his hair form ramps, slides and stairs from which the children, like Lilliputians, can play, so they have the opportunity to have fun in one of the greenest areas of the city of Valencia.

So…..feel like a big kid as you climb the full scale Gulliver.

This adventure park includes a scale model of the city, which is outlined with a mini gold course, A giant chessboard, tracks, skateboard area and plenty of playground equipment should keep children and adults entertained for hours. This is a real quirky addition to attractions in Valencia.

Address: Jardín del Turia, s/n, 46023 Valencia
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