Marta’s Blog #5 Health Is On Your Mind


We often hear phrases like “everything is in the mind” or “we can heal ourselves with our thoughts”. How much reality is there in this? How important is positive thinking ?.

Let’s talk a little about how our Nervous System works and why it influences our attitude and vision about our lives and health.

The disease can begin with negative thinking, by suggestion (of others) or auto-suggestion. The brain makes no difference between what it sees and what it imagines, because the same neural networks are involved. For the brain it is so real what you see and what you feel. Our brain creates neurohormones or neuropeptides, responsible for our emotions. Cells are accustomed to “receive” each of the emotions and to become accustomed to them they create habits of thought; we associate situation with emotion and if we do not interrupt that association, our brain reinforces that connection and thus the phobias, the fears, the stress … and the illnesses appear.

The key to change is in “watching” our reactions, becoming aware of how we automatically associate emotions with thoughts and provoke certain physical states is the first step in transforming our brain physiology; it has been shown that our brain is continually “redoing itself,” even in old age. Then it is possible to unlearn and relearn new ways of living the emotions. The key is the consciousness.

One of the main causes of our illnesses today is stress, which consists of a non-specific response that the body produces in response to any excessive demands made on it, the body suffers a deterioration due to the body’s responses to stress .

But how does our Nervous System work in the face of stress? What is happening in our body?

We cannot control an event in itself; so when the event occurs, the organism reacts and prepares to resist or to flee, and it is this reaction that produces the damage. The onset of the reaction occurs when the hypothalamus that controls the body’s unconscious emotions and processes is activated. Generating a series of chain reactions until hormones and neuropeptides (adrenaline, noradlenaline, cortisol …) that secrete the immune system and thus the disease appears.

The hypothalamus also causes the release of beta-endorphins, the body’s natural analgesics, to enable us to resist tension, pain and physical discomfort.

The problem is that in some people this state of alert has become normal, they have become addicted to stress and need it every time to a greater degree to maintain the same sensation.

We said that we can not control an event in itself, but if we can control what we perceive from it, our approach, our vision of the fact, our position within the situation; this will change the emotion that generates us and therefore the thought that provokes, thus the chemistry of our brain also changes, we reduce the fear, the stress and therefore we improve our health.

It is easy!! Working with our thoughts is the basis for good emotional health and therefore physical, it all depends on ourselves.

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