Mozart Concert in the Port Church

On Saturday the 11th November, the Orchestra of the Marina Alta presents a Mozart concert at the Port church of Loreto. Admission free.

The concert starts at 9:00 p.m. and the programme is dedicated to Mozart. His Symphony in La Major No. 29 KV 201 and the concert KV 314 in D Major No. 2 for flute and orchestra will be performed.The musicians will perform under their principal conductor, Francesc Estévez, and the flute solo will be performed by María José Clemente. The entrance to the recital, programmed by the Department of Culture to provide a cultural activity in the Port is free.

About the church….

The charm of neighbourhood of Duanes de la Mar is highlighted by the sculptural silhouette of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Loreto (Church of Our Lady of Loreto), inaugurated in n 1967, a major example of avant-garde religious architecture. The architects García Ordóñez, Dexeus Beatty, Bellot Port, Herrero Cuesta and the engineer Gómez Perreta.

It is noted for the daring design of its lines and spatial concept. The employed materials are reinforced concrete (cement and steel). It is a single nave with an oval-shaped floor plan. It has walls without corners which open into the upper section towards the exterior in its upper part, terminating in small Windows where it receives the aerial light which provides it with an atmosphere of contemplation and spirituality. It has a red pine roof in the form of a ship’s keel, which represents the fisherman’s boat (Biblical figure). It has little interior decoration; we highlight the large Christ figure suspended over the major altar (by Esteve Edo). In the exterior, 12 thin beams which buttress it represent an allegory dedicated to the 12 apostles.

The church can be visited from 9am. until 8pm. throughout the year and in summer it is extended until 9pm.