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Fire in Les Planes was caused by paragliders

by JC Admin

Two people aboard paragliders caused a small fire yeterday in the Les Planes area after hitting the ecectricity cable that powers the Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse.

The event occurred around 4.30 p.m., for unknown reasons, the people who were flying the paraglider collided with the light cable, causing sparks that spread to the ground, producing a small fire. 

Immediately the Local Police, Civil Protection and the Firemen of the Dénia park were mobilized, also just to be on the safe side, one of the fire fighting helicopters was also been mobilized.

However, their deployment was not necessary, since the ground troops were able to control the flames. 

Photo: Xabia al Dia

Due to the event, Iberdrola, the company responsible for the electricity supply, had to be called in which led to a power cut in the area. The access had also been closed at the height of the recreational area of ​​Les Planes. 

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