Ode to Curfew

Following on from the Lockdown Odes of 2020 😉

Although my odes were put on hold
As lockdown moved away
I felt I must just do one more
As curfew’s now in play

Cinderella must have felt like this
As her Godmother advised her
She must wear her mask throughout the ball
And spray the Prince with sanitizer.

And before the clock strikes twelve
She must quickly run away
Or that virus – it will get her
Before the light of day

Poor Cinders had to run so fast
That she lost her left glass shoe
Her horses had turned back to mice
Half way down the 332

The Guardia were on her tail
Her heart it was a-thumping
Her dress was rags – her horses mice
And the road covered in pumpkin

Police said “Cinders please explain
What the hell is all this mess
It’s half past twelve – you’re not at home-
Now take this breathalyser test”

Poor Cinders she broke down in tears
But she stood there and protested
She was promised she would meet her Prince
But instead she got arrested

So there’s no happy ending here
The Prince courted both her sisters
She got a fine, two hundred mice
And seven glass shoe blisters!

#Curfew sucks