Alert of a new payment scams in Bizum and Paypal

The National Police warns against a new payment scam in Bizum and Paypal . This is a new scam where online sales companies become victims after accepting a collection request. To counteract this, they have issued five cybersecurity keys. (Video below in Spanish).

Cybercriminals crawl online product sales pages, contact sellers and pretend they are interested in their items. The deception is that they send a masked request for collection, issued to the victim. The Cybercrime Group recommends paying close attention to the information contained in the messages received that could include an unwanted payment order.

These types of Bizum  scams occur with large purchases, such as cars, air conditioners, or even horses! 

Keep in mind that instant payment platforms are quick to make disbursements. But they are irrevocable, so it is advisable to use them only if you are completely sure of the operation being carried out. For large payments, it is advisable to use other forms of payment that give more guarantees during the process.

The National Police recommend that we share and inform via social media. They also highlight the importance of reserving personal data for privacy. Knowing the crimes and therefore know how to prevent being scammed.