The most beautiful Valencian forests to visit this autumn

The Valencian Community hides numerous magical forests full of life and unique stories of strange creatures that inhabit them such as elves, trolls and goblins!

They are perfect places for hiking or simply to eat in some of the picnic areas that many offer. The more adventurous have the option of camping and living for a while surrounded by nature.

1. The Centennial Forest of Las Blancas

The Puebla de San Miguel. / José-Martín Antón Crespo (FLICKR)

In Puebla de San Miguel, a small municipality in Ricón de Ademuz , there is a unique natural setting namely the centennial forest of Las Blancas . This stands out for being one of the areas with the largest number of monumental junipers in the Valencian Community.

2. The Dehesa del Saler

La Dehesa del Saler Natural Park. / Gerard Eder (FLICKR)

The Dehesa del Saler is made up of a set of forests, located in Albufera, very close to the sea.It is a protected area, within which stands the Albufera Natural Park. La Dehesa will amaze you with the beauty of its varied trees and pines. In addition, some animals such as squirrels, rabbits or hares will accompany you during the journey. But if what you are passionate about is hiking, this place offers the possibility of doing several routes, either on foot or by bicycle.

3. The Cabrentà Forest

La Cabrentà de Estubeny. / Antonio Marín Segovia (FLICKR)

In the municipality of Estubeny is the Municipal Natural Park “La Cabrentà” . The abundant underground waters of the Caroig massif and a large number of springs, waterfalls and suggestions of crystalline waters appear in this natural setting. The vegetation is characteristic of tropical or subtropical climates, although it is possible to observe the alionero, garroteo, laurel and Aleppo pines .

4. The Natural Area of ​​the Molinos de Alborache

Route of the Mills. / Alborache

In the natural setting of the Alborache mills are various natural wonders: the Charco Azul, old mills, small waterfalls and a riverside forest. Without a doubt, a place where you would not mind getting lost due to it’s beauty.

5. La Font Roja – , an enchanted forest in Alicante

Red Font. / Isabel Padilla Navas (FLICKR)

The Carrascal de la Font Roja Natural Park is the best preserved natural space in the Valencian territory, located in Alcoy. Of all the beautiful areas that this place contains, this forest, that stands under the summit of the Sierra de Menachaor, is simply the best. It is unique and said to have formerly been inhabited strange creatures such as elves, trolls and goblins.

***It must be borne in mind that these places are usually very fragile. All visitors are asked to respect the areas and leave it in perfect condition so that people can continue to enjoy these natural wonders.***

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