Dust! How to Clean Your Pool after Yellow/Red Dust.

Because it will soon be here!!!

If your pool is affected buy the pollen and the red Sahara dust following muddy rain. This is what you need to do.

( We picked this information up from an expert in the group last year but cannot recall who posted it. Thanks whoever you were!)

1. Set the filter selection valve to re-circulation, with the pump on slowly add about 1.5 litres of liquid floculant either through the skimmer or into the return water jet streams.

2. Leave the pump on go about 4 hours to allow the floculant to mix well with the water then shut the pump down.

3. Leave the pool for at least 12 hours, more if possible. You will then see what looks a little like clouds of frog spawn in areas on the floor of the pool.

4. You now need to set your multi valve to waste and then hoover your pool gently to remove all the clouds from the floor. What ever you do don’t try and hoover this mess through your filter as it will damage it. 

5. Depending on on how your pool now looks you can either set it back to the filter setting and leave the pump on non stop and back wash the filter every 12 hours till the pool is clear. Or if you still have a lot of suspended dirt in the water leave it another 12 hours to settle and hoover to waste again.

Throughout this process top up the pool water level so that air is not sucked into the system. By using this method most pool will be restored in 24 to 36 hours.