New traffic speed limits fully in force by May 11th

At the end of last year, the DGT published a broad reform of the Traffic Law that aimed to improve the road safety on national highways. A series of changes that were approved shortly after, but are gradually now coming into effect.

A reminder: new maximum speed limits as of the 11th of May 2021.

20 km per hour on roads where the carriageway and sidewalk are unified (single platform, for example, no elevated pavement).

30 km per hour, on roads with a single lane in each direction.50 km / h, for roads with two or more lanes in each direction.

However, the rule also allows exceptions if the owner of the road (city councils, etc.) gives approval

Until now, the generic speed limit in cities was set at 50 km per hour. As of May 11, this figure will be reserved for high-capacity roads that have two or more lanes for each direction.

It is said that these new speed limits for cities are mainly intended to calm traffic, although they will also hopefully lead to a reduction in noise and pollution, achieve more livable cities and promote other forms of mobility (on foot, by bike, with vehicles of personal mobility (VPM), etc.).


The penalties will also change: driving over the speed limit will be considered a serious offence that will be punished with a fine of 100 euros without loss of points on the driving licence. Driving at excessive speed will result in higher fines and the loss of points.

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