Dino Park Algar 

An amusement park with educational elements called DinoPark Algar situated in a beautiful environment near Benidorm. The detail is wonderful and there are  dozens of vocal robotic models of life-size dinosaurs; a paddling pool for children, a paleontological playground and even a 3D Cinema.

‘’ Fun and education for all ages, enjoy over 30 animated dinosaurs, a 3D cinema, attractions and a nature trail, built by a leading European educational attraction company’’
The Algar Dino Park is a fun and educational attraction set in 6 acres of botanical and cactus gardens. Realistic models and robotic dinosaurs are placed in natural settings for children enjoy and learn about. The park boasts over 30 animated dinosaurs accompanied by sound and educational information.
In addition to the dinosaur trail the park is complimented with a 3D cinema, children;s attractions and a nature trail.
Pricing Range: 0-4yrs FREE, 4-12yrs €10.00, Adults €15.00

The park is open from March until the end of November from 10am.. closing time varies according to season.

For full information go to the website at Dino Park