Rubbish Talk…

Via Javea Press Office 21.7.22.

One of the changes brought about by the new waste collection and street cleaning service is related to the green spaces. There is growing unacceptable use of these areas, where rubbish is being dumped outside the containers provided and where household goods, furniture or similar materials are abandoned instead of being taken to the ecopark.

This has led to a rethink of the management system and this is why this contract includes enclosures. The intention of the Department of Services is that they can only be used by the residents of the area who will be given an identification card that will allow them to open the rubbish areas. In addition, the enclosures will be equipped with video surveillance to monitor any possible misuse or dumping and to be able to fine them.

Councillor Kika Mata explained that the change will not be immediate, but for the moment the installation of the fencing has starred to be installed at some of the points such as Rafalet and Cansalades. Over the next few months the transition will be completed with the security system and thereafter residents will be contacted accordingly.

Mata has taken the opportunity to ask for public awareness on the issue of waste, as the municipality dedicates a lot of resources to maintenance but even so it does not manage to keep a decent public image. The councillor assured that all the green areas are cleaned daily in the early morning and in the afternoon and within a few hours they are once again in a disastrous state.

Many companies are seeing how waste managers have tightened the conditions for accepting them and are demanding that they accept them and require them to classify and separate them depending on their hazardousness characteristics. This has led to a proliferation of illegal dumping not only in Javea, but also in general. In fact, the councillor points out that many of the cases that are being sanctioned are like this; companies (many of them not even from the municipality) that are dedicated to cleaning, gardening or construction companies (again, many of them not even from the municipality) who abandon sacks of rubble, household goods or green waste at industrial level.

In view of this, remember that the “Puntos Verdes” are municipal facilities to facilitate the selective collection of domestic urban waste and that under no circumstances may they be used by professionals who carry out lucrative activities and much less so by those who generate waste for profit, especially when generated in other municipalities (the penalty for this can be up to 750 euros).The waste that can be deposited at the provided green waste areas is:- organic waste, light packaging, paper, cardboard, glass, vegetable oil, clothing and footwear and domestic waste from gardening. The rest must be taken to the Ecopark (in camí de Les Sorts).