It’s So Hot I Saw Two Trees Fighting Over a Dog!

My daughter had the answer to sleepless nights, a bed-igloo and our dog loved it too.  See video above for a rough guide on how to make one)

This year is gearing up to be a very hot summer with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees already in some parts of Spain.

We have seen in the past,  night temperatures at Alicante airport not dropping below 28 degrees  and yesterday it was still 30 degrees at midnight in some places.

So as things have now really started heating up shall  we moan about it, or just sit in the pool all evening with a cool beer on a floaty cup holder, look at the stars and then wait for a spectacular storm to clear the air later? 😉

My daughter had the answer to sleepless nights though, this is her bed-igloo and our dog loved it too. Trouble is, when the dog was in there with her, the canine snoring keeps her awake!! #cannotwin !!!!

Infortunately our dog Jazz wont be in the tent this year but her 16 years with us was super fun all the way!!

Get one ready now 😉