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Today’s Brief Updates

by Loraine Gostling

Firstly from the Mayor of Javea

Amjasa suspends the payment of water bills in Javea during the emergency and will study on a case-by-case basis aid to clients who need help.
The Town Council also suspends the road occupancy fee and is examining a formula to return it to those who have already paid it

Hospitality sector and businesses
The Town Council has also suspended the collection of the fee for the occupation of the public road leading to hospitality premises, and for businesses and is investigating a formula to reimburse it to those who had already paid it prior to the declaration of the state of emergency.

All the deadlines for payment of municipal taxes are suspended – such as that of rubbish or vehicles – so that the people who had pending payments can relax because, the deadline indicated in the letters that the Town Council issued a few weeks ago, will not be subject to a surcharge. When the state of emergency is lifted, the new payment deadlines will be communicated.

Red Cross appeal to be vigilant


The weather continues to be miserable too!


A little more clarity on Self employed situation

Given the information and statements of some people posting in the media and social networks about the extraordinary benefit for self-employed affected by COVID-19, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration wants to indicate:
1. All self-employed workers forced to close due to the state of alarm or with a drop in income of 75% are already entitled to the benefit approved in the last Council of Ministers, regardless of their condition. Therefore, the Ministry denies that the Government prepares any modification.
2. The self-employed in this situation will be exempt from paying Social Security contributions and, in addition, they will receive a benefit equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base, which means a minimum of 661 euros for those who have had to close their business or have lost 75% of your turnover.
3. The ‘fake news’ and many hoaxes aim to generate uncertainty among the self-employed. Any questions can be consulted on the official websites of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration .
4. The Government continues to work on draft measures, such as this extraordinary benefit, to help those who are experiencing difficulties. From https://www.lamoncloa.gob.es/…/190320-covid-autonomos…

Always end with a smile

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