Latest Speech by P.M. Sanchez

A quick translation..

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared tonight, live, for all citizens, to explain how Spain is after a week of the decreed State of Alarm. Sánchez praised the attitude of the citizens, but regretted that the situation will be worse, “unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. We will receive the impact of the harshest wave that will test our resources . “

“We are at a very critical moment. We have to prepare ourselves psychologically. We have to get to the end of next week very strong, the risk is everywhere,” Sánchez said.

The President of the Government has indicated that Spain has interposed drastic measures from the beginning to cut the spread of the virus as soon as possible, “the measures, to which the population is being exemplary with their behavior, are to avoid infections and cut the transmission chain “

Pedro Sánchez has made mention of those already announced this afternoon, by María José Sierra, head of the Area of ​​the Coordination Center for Emergencies and Health Alerts, approved rapid test tests so that whoever has symptoms can quickly know if they are infected and isolate themselves.

Likewise, the President has also pointed out the number of masks that will arrive in the coming days at hospitals and has asked for the protection of the elderly, “the most vulnerable group in this situation.” Sánchez has asked the public “not to transmit false information and to try to contrast them so that disinformation does not arise.”
March 21 – 5:50 PM | The Ministry of Health: “No one knows when we will reach the peak of the infection.”

A few minutes ago the Coronavirus Steering Committee appeared in Moncloa to provide health, safety and transport data. According to María José Sierra, head of the Area of ​​the Center for Coordination of Emergencies and Health Alerts, “No one knows when we will reach the peak. We are still climbing, and the peak will not be the same in all the autonomous communities.” According to Sierra, 64,000 rapid tests have been purchased and will be arriving over the next few days, in fact, the first rapid tests are beginning to be distributed today. Rapid test results are available in 15 minutes.

Patricia Lacruz, from the Portfolio and Pharmacy department of the Ministry of Health, explained that 700 respirators have already been purchased for critical moments . “The needs of these materials are being covered by buying complete production lines from manufacturers,” explains the Ministry spokeswoman.

As for transport, María José Rallo, General Secretary of this area, explained that users of medium and long-distance bus lines have decreased by 91% . This data directly affects Xàbia, connected mainly by this route.

In relation to security, the operational director of the National Police, Jose Ángel González, has indicated that a zero tolerance policy is being carried out with disrespectful sanitary measures: yesterday, March 20, 6,000 acts were issued for disobedience serious .

March 21 – 11:55 | The number of people infected with coronavirus in the Community increases by 258 new cases

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, has indicated, as every day, the information regarding the situation due to coronavirus in the Community. The consellera has indicated that in total 258 new positives have been registered in the last 24 hours, of which 107 have been in the province of Alicante.

With this figure, the total is 1,363 people throughout the Valencian Community and 479 in the province of Alicante (2 not assigned), of whom 183 are admitted and 27 are in the ICU.

In the last 24 hours there have been 5 new discharges, which are already 25 people cured. With respect to the deceased, the total since the beginning is 50, with 17 today more than yesterday. And the number of positive health professionals amounts to 264.