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Time is, at last, running out for animal circuses, mink farms, zoos and dolphinariums

Central Government has announced that it will be prohibiting the breeding of foreign species of wild animals in January 2023. This rule will also prohibit zoos from buying new species.

Central government will prohibit the breeding of foreign special wild animals, both by individuals and professionals, This will, as a result, decree the closure of all mink farms for the manufacture of coats, collars and stoles. 

Government states that it is bringing this into force because it considers that these animals are mistreated, because it is an invasive species and because, in addition, it is an animal that infects man with many diseases. 

This prohibition will be included in the Animal Protection bill that will be approved by the Council of Ministers in a few days time, at the proposal of the head of the Ministry of Social Rights, Ione Belarra.

During December 2021, it will be sent to Congress for processing and approval with the idea that its provisions will come into force on January 1st 2023.

The future law intends to put an end to the “sacrifice of companion animals”, which will be prohibited except for justified cases of euthanasia.

It pursues zero abandonment, which is why private breeding will also be prohibited and will require the mandatory identification of any domestic animal and its owner; and it will severely punish any episode of animal abuse , for which there will be fines, (for example, cockfights or dogfights), of between 100,000 and 600,000 euros.

The breeding of pets can only be approached by professionals, under strict conditions and controlled by registries. Wild animals will not be permitted in circuses or other similar shows.

Zoos and dolphinariums will not be able to buy new species to replace their animals.

To minimize compulsive purchases, the exhibition and sale of animals in stores will be prohibited and, to avoid accidents (unwanted pregnancies), citizens who live with animals of both sexes will have to sterilize one of them. 

The text will also limit its use in popular festivals, but it does not, however, apply to bullfighting!!

We will report more in depth once the laws have been agreed.

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