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The New Face Of Moli Blanc… 50 Years On!

by Loraine Gostling

The New Moli Blanc Logo

Last week, the Javea Connect team went and met 3 lovely guys from Valencia who are about to embark on quite a huge and exciting venture in changing the face of that famous old windmill venue in Javea, namely The Moli Blanc.

In the past 50 years, the nightclub, which first opened its doors in 1968, has has its share of incredible popularity and, in more recent years, an awful lot of criticism from  locals and neighbours, plus bad press from social media, in particular regarding fights and, probably on top of the list, noise and litter. It was even threatened with demolition at one point!!


Juan-Manuel and Cristobal, (two of the new five owner partnership) told us that they have been visiting Javea every summer for many years so they are very aware of the problems that Moli Blanc has faced in previous years. We were, however, convincingly assured that they fully intend to ensure that the new Moli, will have no such problems in future.

The image will change completely! Their intentions are to welcome people of all ages with a diversity of events, music and sports and their hopes are to entice customers, not only from Javea, but also from further afield.  The venue will not be solely open at night, but also during the day, showing popular sports fixtures etc. There is also plans to add a restaurant to Moli but changes will be gradual and the restaurant will probably not be introduced until next year. 

We were well impressed with the enthusiasm they clearly have for this new venture. In particular, they told us that they intend to reserve a weekly time and space for young teenagers to get together. It will be alcohol free obviously but with a bar stocked with ingredients for delicious “sin alcohol” cocktails etc. plus music and activities that they will enjoy! 

They guys have promised that the music nights will be kept within their licensing limits and that after close each night, there will be cleaners ensuring that any rubbish left in the area is collected and disposed of immediately. They anticipate that they will be needing to employ around 30 to 40 local people by August this year, so watch out, they may be advertising very soon!!

The venue itself is now undergoing a huge face-lift and will be ready for opening on the San Juan Fiesta date of Saturday 23rd June. But the official opening week is planned for 20th, 21st and 22nd July, when they will invite some special guests for the inauguration  plus a few famous artistes to entertain you. 

The Javea Connect team obviously wish the new Moli Blanc team the very best of luck and look forward to our first visit in a few weeks time. It will certainly be a nostalgic moment for many Javea folk!!!

They have also offered to host a Javea Connect Party later in the year! 🙂 






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