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Another New Look Restaurant in Javea

by Loraine Gostling

2018 seems to be the year of change and makeovers in Javea!

With new looks beings given to bars and restaurants recently, such as Laguna Ribs which is now looking good as Seemontgo,  in the port we have the Beach House Bistro & Bakery which opened in February and now has a great new roof terrace.

Moli Blanc will be re-invented and opened in June and the bar which used to be Sol Bar ( I think) years ago and then Freda’s, Mojitos, Whiskey in the Jar and Marcels, is also about to open the doors again in another name on the Arenal near Alta Villas and Soco ( which is also being “tarted- up” right now!)  

It is also all happening up in Balcon-al-Mar! My old bar (Jaspas) which has, in the past been Lacey’s, Jaspas, The Gekko Bar and Cabo La Nao 63 has now also been re-opened after a few months closure and is now “Ole Maria” ( great name 🙂 )

Ole Maria is a Spanish owned restaurant that seems to have taken off well up on what we used to affectionately call “Walton’s Mountain” and has a true Spanish flavour,  including Flamenco Dancing. The food reviews have been good and the children’s play area is still there too. Take a look at Ole Maria here

Go give them a try… Yes, I know it is not the Arenal and yes, you do have to get in the car but is is 5 minutes from the Arenal and really should be put on your agenda as there is even more new things happening up there soon!!

I will catch you up with that gossip later 😉 

Loraine 🙂 

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