The Fire Beast of Lluxtent Finally Slayed

The Valencia Fire Consortium officially declared ( at 8pm on Sunday 12th August)  that the forest fire in Llutxent had been finally extinguished. 3,270 hectares in total was razed to the ground in this fire, which has been recorded as the worst in the area for 6 years. 

Since it started last Monday, due to a lightning bolt, dozens of aerial units and hundreds of ground troops have worked on its extinction , often made so much more difficult by high temperatures and wind changes.


Around 2,600 people had to be evicted as a result of the fire, which affected around forty houses in several urbanizations in the municipality of Gandia but  many of them have already returned to their homes.

An assessment of the material damage and the fauna and flora that burned in the fire will soon begin .

Thanks go to all of those brave men and women who worked endlessly to kill this huge hungry beast and support those who have lost so much in it’s wake.