New guidelines for tourist apartment owners/agents.

This protocol has been drawn up by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality in collaboration with the FEVITUR sector employers and the CCOO and UGT unions and has already been validated by the Ministry of Health

SER has advised regarding the protocol approved by the Government to prevent the virus in homes dedicated to tourist use

The owners will have to provide masks and gels to their clients, which they will be obliged to use in all common areas of the residential buildings.

With nearly 70% of the hotels closed, homes for tourist use have become a good option for many visitors during this pandemic, who also seek the health security offered by this type of accommodation, where they do not have to share spaces with other clients. To prevent the spread of the virus in tourist flats, the Government has approved a protocol, to which Cadena SER has had access. This focuses on the protection of workers, users and in this case also neighbours.

The guide will be applied in tourist homes managed by companies or by individuals who hire people to manage or clean them. According to the protocol, the person in charge of the house must identify the occupants upon arrival and deliver a list with their names to the State security forces to facilitate a possible virus tracking in the event of an outbreak.

In addition, customers must be provided with individual protection kits containing a mask and gel or gloves before entering the home or the residential building. In the case of a flat, they will be obliged to use it in common areas, such as portals or stairs. Inside the house there should be information on the hygienic measures to be followed and the protocol for possible contagion, and decoration and textiles, such as carpets or curtains, will be reduced. 

Cleaning will also be reinforced , which must be done without clients inside the house and using protective equipment that will be discarded at the end of each job.

After establishing protocols for a score of tourism sub-sectors, such as hotels, beaches or nightlife, the drafting of the guide for houses for tourist use has taken longer due to its complexity , because each autonomous community has its own definition of housing tourism and because a good part of them are located in communities of owners.