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Over 60 whales have visited Denia coast so far this year

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Dénia coast has become a privileged place to spot fin whales, due partly to the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve, which is a protected area between Dénia and Javea.

Every spring “the whales migrate from Italy’s South Ligurian Sea, and come up every year towards the Atlantic Ocean to feed, looking for colder waters and they draw a straight line to our coast on their journey. The San Antonio and Nao Capes are key points in the navigation of the whales, and can be observed very close to the coasts of Denia and Javea.

After passing through the coast of Dénia, they head to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibralta, to head north along the coasts of Portugal to Galicia and the Cantabrian Sea.

A natural treasure

This year, the first sightings were in April. The normal season is between May and June, until the end of September, when you can see some still passing through.

In 2023, 97 whales were recorded in the stretch that goes from Les Deveses beach to Javea, even, in some cases, to Cabo de la Nao.

Sometimes the whales come so close to the coast of Dénia that you can even be on the terrace of a restaurant on the front line of Les Deveses or Las Rotas and be lucky enough to see them.

Where else in the world you can enjoy that privilege?

So far this year, 61 fin whales have been sighted, in addition to a minke whale and bottlenose dolphins.

Photo:UPV Miteco

Source: Denia.com – Photos: UPV Miteco

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