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Lack of masks and irresponsible gatherings – Over 160 fines issued

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Local Police have reported that during the last two weeks they have issued “more than 130 fines” on residents and tourists for not wearing masks.

Likewise, 30 sanctions have been imposed for night parties in private villas. Among other actions, was a sanction on a tourist who last weekend tried to attack one of the security personnel that the City Council employs as a service at the entrances to the coves.

Regarding the private villa parties in various urbanisations, , there have been numerous complaints received by both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil.  For this reason, the Council has published on its social networks, the recommendation for those who want to organise a party of this type. to present a responsible statement at the electronic headquarters.

Xabia al Dia has learned in the preceding years during the summer, that the organisers of these parties used to present this document, but this year, the homeowners themselves choose to hold them, have a good time with music and noise, without complying with correct procedures.

In its publication the Council recalls that “good coexistence is everyone’s responsibility” and therefore “for those who plan to hold such social gatherings in private spaces” the decree of measures must be respected. In this sense they point out that the most important points are:

Previously register a responsible declaration of leisure activities (available on the municipal website www.ajxabia.org in the procedures section (environment and activities ) informing of the characteristics of the party, providing the details of the responsible persons and agreeing to respect schedules and do not disturb the neighbourhood peace.

Avoid activities that may pose a fire risk (barbecues in areas close to forest stands, use of pyrotechnic material, etc.)

Avoid parties, private or public, that involve a group of people that prevent or hinder the adoption of preventive sanitary measures or have minors and / or people over 65 years present.

They also appeal to the owners of tourist properties, who must warn the occupants or tenants of “the obligation to respect these rules of coexistence.”

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