Beware Bogus Gas Reps On The Prowl

Periodically we see the arrival of official looking people knocking on doors claiming that they need access to your property to service equipment. It appears they are working in selected areas again .
Leaflets such as the one below have been left at properties,  giving the impression that an authorised gas representative has called while you are out and that you must phone to arrange a visit to check your gas appliances.
As many of you will know, these are not genuine inspection visits. Anyone making a genuine visit will have made an appointment with you before visiting.
While these unofficial visits are not illegal, they provide an opportunity for the caller to enter your villa to try to convince you that urgent (and expensive) safety work is necessary. Often, it is difficult to get the person to leave without paying some money immediately and this can be very worrying, particularly if you are alone.
So, please don’t respond to these leaflets and ensure that any holiday makers in your villa are aware that they should not let callers into your villa, no matter how convincing they sound.”
These men can sound very convincing, and as stated above, they are not illegal and so cannot be reported.  Legitimate Repsol and Cepsa agents will ALWAYS call and make arrange an appointment in the proper way.