On  Wednesday 28 July, The Valencian Emergency Agency is offering an information day on fire prevention aimed at residents who live in areas close to forest areas.

Included in the campaign “Stop al Foc”, scheduled at 11 am in the centre of the association of the Balcón al Mar Voluntarios (Calle George Frederic Händel, number 3), although it is open to all those interested, whether they live in Cap de la Nao or other parts of the municipality.

These talks aim to promote prevention and self-protection of the inhabitants of the urban-forestal interface (IUI). i.e. those areas bordering, or located within, the natural environment which include mainly urbanisations with a high risk of forest fires.

They provide advice and recommendations on how to prevent the risk of forest fires, how to react appropriately and protect oneself in case of danger. 

The leaflets that will be distributed contain explicit guidelines for behaviour in relation to housing, maintenance of plots and care of the environment, and there will also be activities for young children to raise awareness of  from an early age.

The aim is that the inhabitants of these heavily forested areas be aware of the risks involved in living in spaces surrounded by forest mass and of the need to get involved and commit themselves, both individually and collectively to adopt all the necessary measures to minimise the risk of fire.