In the last five days, Guardia Civil and Police have acted in the breaking up of around 135 parties reported by neighbours.

News via Javea Town Hall Press Office

The Town Hall will now sanction property owners for infringing the
the coexistence ordinance and will prosecute holiday rental owners who do not possess a licence.

All of the interventions were as a result of complaints from neighbours due to noise exceeding the limits required for citizen coexistence during rest hours (use of music equipment, noise, singing or shouting). In most cases, in addition to the relevant fine for non-compliance with the municipal ordinance, sanctioning proceedings have been opened against the attendees for non-compliance with the specific regulations of the Covid control. So the fine will be doubled.

One of the most complex interventions was carried out on Sunday night, in collaboration with the Guardia Civil, to dismantle a large party in a house in the Covatelles area.

During the operation, several of the attendees tried to evade the police control by jumping and fleeing through the interior of houses adjoining the party in order to avoid being caught.

In the end, the agents identified more than 50 people – among them the 7
landlords of the house – who will be sanctioned for breaking the COVID regulations and for infringement of the ordinance on Citizen Coexistence and Security, with the maximum fine.

In view of the problems that the municipality has been experiencing in recent weeks, local police have been carrying out an average of 30 actions a day in the last few weeks due to the incivility shown by the tenants in the tourist sector.

The Town Hall will impose a subsidiary sanction on the owners, reminding them that they must do everything possible to prevent their tenants from disturbances in the neighbourhood. They will also check at each intervention, that the property has the relevant accreditation as a tourist dwelling visible, and if it does not, then they will also initiate sanctioning proceedings.

The Consistory calls on people and companies involved in tourist rentals to
understand the negative effects on the whole community of promoting this type of tourism, which clashes with the family tourist profile that Javea has always enjoyed.