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Be Aware! Report Suspicion of Terrorist Activity

by Loraine Gostling

I am not wishing to be alarmist here but please be aware that Spain is on terrrorist alert right now.

It is imperative to ensure that people do not become complacent and that they keep their eyes and ears open.
Living in Spain always seems relaxed and people are more interested in soaking up the sun, drinking relaxing, and enjoying themselves. But would you know what to do if you see something suspicious or feel uncomfortable with your surroundings.

Most people would call the police and in a sense, yes that’s the correct thing to do. However if you are not aware, there is actually an emergency anti-terrorist hotline and website. Spanish authorities have made numerous arrests since the launch of this hotline and no doubt saved numerous attacks.

We are in no way trying to scare people but feel that knowing what to do and who to report it to is an addition to all of our Security.

Report possible cases: by calling 900 822 066, or message via the campaign website STOP RADICALISMOS

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