Temperatures in Parts of Spain, France, Germany and Italy this week could reach over +40 °C, Jun 25th – 30th

The short version of some very long warnings hitting the news now is that parts of Europe are in for a very intense, likely historic and possibly deadly heat wave this week – temperatures will be soaring into the low 40s from Wednesday through Friday! 

A so-called Spanish plume will result in extreme warm airmasses with afternoon temperatures soaring into 38-42 °C range across NE Spain and parts of south-central France. The heat (Heat index) will be especially extreme in urban areas and big cities, where urban heat islands (UHI) usually develop and lead to even higher temperatures (especially night-time and daily averages) due to effects of human activity and indeed overheating concrete building and roads.

More locally , Aemet says right now that maximum temperatures for Javea will reach 33 degrees (by Sunday 30th)