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Are we ready for this?

by Loraine Gostling

Check list for 6th January at about 7pm

1. Work clothes? Still covered in cava and curry stains PLUS they would have clearly shrunk over the last two weeks!

2. Keys: Don’t forget to look in the fruit bowl under the nuts that we didn’t eat..again!

3. Takeaway Coffee Cup? Been in dishwasher since 2019

4.Car? Totally safe in bar car park since last Tuesday night

5.Kids? Had some last month – will go find them in their rooms later.

6.Kid’s uniform? Still covered in chocolate?


7 Alarm? Find your snooze hammer now

8. New Year’s Resolution all sorted?

Oh well, it will all be a distant memory soon… Feliz Trabajo!!

Finally.. here are your lie-in days for 2020

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