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Why Javea?

There have been many questions like this over the years on the group and so we thought we would keep some of the replies safe and sound on the website for easy access to newcomers to the area.

This question was posed in March 2022 – Answers in pink are from our local women and blue are the menfolk. The link to the complete thread can be found HERE

Please describe Javea as you see it in terms of a place to live, the people and the vibe of the area.
Is it a case of keeping up with Jones? Is it a friendly and safe place to live?

It’s lush! Friendly, beautiful and I am a Jones and i don’t notice anyone trying to keep up with me. 😊

Probably very alike. As far as my knowledge about Arboleas goes.. it has much more Brits than Spanish? You will find the population more diverse in Javea, and for that reason more international. As you say.. Javea area is very expensive and getting more expensive every year. Does not mean it is safer or better. But def bigger and more tourism. Best to rent something for a month (April is good as it represents both the quiet moments and the busy Easter period)? See how you feel? It’s not that far, so at least check it out yourself.
I feel safer inland and def easier financially, but Javea is not unsafe.
But in summer.. Javea is crowded and the air has a high humidity. Like it much better in winter 👍

I have loads of clients who live in Jávea so I am there regularly but couldn’t live there too touristy and too “expatty” for me  also way too expensive to rent for me. I live in Ondara it’s perfect for me and my son (single widowed mum)… In the middle of Jávea and Denia where my clients are but the rent is more affordable. Don’t think there are that many Brits living here I know about a handful who do . I know lots of people who love living there but for me it’s not. a good fit. 

Depends on your lifestyle! If you are retired and happy to eat out, meet up with friends for coffee, go to the beach, go for walks, join local clubs, and just generally have a quiet life, etc. well Jávea will suit you. If you are more into theatre, concerts of a professional level, exhibitions, go to adult education classes, etc. Valencia has far more to offer. Also healthcare, hospitals, both private & Spanish NHS are, in my opinion far better in Valencia. Valencia has, obviously, the hustle & bustle of a big city, the public transport is very good, and it has an airport and high speed AVE train station. There are villages on the outskirts of Valencia which are quiet and on let’s say the commuter belt. if you want beach, the Malvarrosa is an area which is up and coming and very popular. Obviously it depends on what you are looking for but in Valencia you would be spoiled for choice of what to do!

I’ve lived in Javea nearly 27 years and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. You can choose to live in the Arenal, the port or the old town. Everything is close to each other, the beaches are beautiful, the population is international and you can choose whether you want to do your own thing (which I do) or be a part of the many “Javea crowds”!!

We live about here under the Montgo. Arrived 5 weeks ago and it’s a beautiful. We are renting for 12months, but quite honestly can’t think of a better location and there are some other amazing locations. The Arunel is not really for us but our son loves it and it’s fine at the moment out of season.

The best place to live! El paraiso! (Paradise)

Its definitely not to do with anybody called Jones, its great but as everywhere you don’t walk about with your heads in the skies enjoy be careful. A lovely place to live.

Do seem to hear about a lot of muggings and burglary there.

We have our second home in Javea. (For 15 years) we love it ! I could easily live here. It has (for me) so much to offer-walks , culture, food, walks, beach , mountains, it has so so many beautiful things to see and do…….Oh and the fish market and restaurants (such a choice )

I moved here 10 years ago as a single person, best move of my life. I can walk home alone at 1/2am and completely safe. I now have many friends and acquaintances. Meet the right people for you.

Love Javea. Been holidaying there for over 35 years. But because there is a lack of live music now Javea has lost its sparkle. Very sad.

One of the most wonderful places on this planet to live……..I feel blessed to live in Javea

I have lived in Jávea and it is a beautiful town with some lovely bars restaurants and people. That said there are a few down sides – I hear a lot about muggings and burglary, also dog attacks, i have personally witnessed this scary event.
All this said and the high costs aside it is a great place to live, i would definitely recommend renting for a year before you buy.

I live in Jávea. I am from here. If I could move, I would buy in Moraira now. Jávea lacks basic infrastructures, maintenance and cleanness for what you pay. ……..Have a look at Denia . A wonderful town with lots going on !

I feel safe I feel cared for. I found my tribe and found the friends … their many types of people here from the Family Jones to the mega hippies that live without money. You decide. From super duper private British schools that charge 800-1000 euro a month to hidden alternative schools that go by donations. You have it all in one spot with a lovey sand beach that is safe for kids (due to the fact the beach/promenade/restaurants are far away from the road… to an old cute port and lovely old and well maintained city center. From beach to mountains, from sand to rocks to bare waste and to lush rivers and hidden waterfalls. It’s a pretty wide offer .. I moved from Mexico and the Netherlands and think its a pretty solid spot. Not to big so no city vide but close enough to Valencia and Alicante to fly out

Affluent area but lots of break ins , a hot spot for huggers stealing expensive watches and jewellery , bandits are everywhere of course but do target the area.

Split into three distinct areas. The busy and active Arenal with its blue flag flat sandy beach surrounded by loads of cafes, bars and restaurants. The gorgeous port with its busy fishing boats, cafes and amazingly designed church and the old town with its real Spanish feel.
A host of fiestas all year round organised and participated in by the community proud of their traditions and town.
All this surrounded by the mirador viewpoints and fantastic small cove beaches. Its an amazing place and we love it

I lived in Javea for nearly 4 years, it is a wonderful place to visit and moving there was the second best move that I’ve ever made, the best move was leaving for Granada. From my point of view I missed the city (or somewhere with a bit more life), I found the summers months in Javea crazy when it went from a population of what 30,000 to 70/80,000 and the winter months too quiet. The children loved Javea, or rather the beach but… that is pretty much all there was and it was only after moving that they realised that they could have a beach, but they could also have the city (10-15 mins), the ice rinks, cinemas, museums, parks, skiing (20 mins away), rivers (on the door step), lakes, and NO Valenciano at school!!!!!. I do miss miss padel though. I think for many people Javea is perfect, but I do think it is expensive to live, properties prices are silly compared to many areas. The people are generally very nice, I think a part of the expat community can be cliquey and because it is a small town everyone seems to know everyone else’s business, that could be a plus for some I just prefer the anonymity of city life (or the ability to escape to the city away the tourists and expats).

Love it but gets busy in the season everywhere, then many things close for winter. Also the weather can be at extremes e.g ice on wind screens in January and 30c plus with 90% humidity in warmer months. This last week we’ve had Sahara dust storms and several days of rain. It’s still a great place to live!

There was another question posed in May on the same subject:-

Why did you choose Javea to live?
Are you happy to have left your country and live here?
Would you return to your country to live?
What positive to live here or to return to your country?
Do you sincerely like Spanish life and Spaniards?

All the replies to this can be found on the Javea Connect group by clicking the button below. ( You need to be a member to read as it is a closed Facebook group).

Why Javea?

All photos in the above gallery were taken by local amateur photographer and long time JC member Linda Ferguson 🙂

NB…We have today asked what the original poster of the question decided and will update the feature if and when she replies 🙂


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