Simulation Plane Crash at Alicante Updated with Video Footage

Updated with video of manoeuvres on 9th December…….

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Be aware that on Thursday, 9th November the combined Emergency Services of the region will be holding a practice simulation of a plane crash emergency at Alicante Airport. 
This means there will be a lot of fire engines, ambulances, police etc etc etc mobilised to rush to the airport when the “crash” happens. They will then operate at the crash site near to the airport site as if they were dealing with such an emergency for real.

This major practice exercise involves almost 500 emergency services and airport personnel; and will inevitably lead to some disruption/possible holdups to traffic around the airport site.
If you are due to be visiting the airport that day, do allow a bit more time to get there, and if you live locally don’t be worried when the “alarm” happens and emergency services rush to the airport.
If you can avoid using the roads close to the airport that day it might be a good idea to do so.

Do please feel free to copy-and-paste this notification from Expats Costa Blanca to other Facebook groups and elsewhere to spread the word about this, and avoid unnecessary panic on the day.